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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Mar 19 Labrador Retriever AKC Lab puppies: Chocolate,Yellow,Black Albemarle, NC $500
Mar 18 Chihuahua Chihuahua Puppies Jacksonville, FL $400
Mar 18 Shih Tzu Shihpoo Puppies Jacksonville, FL $650
Mar 12 Parson Russell Terrier Jack Russell pups Starke, FL $100
Mar 10 Labrador Retriever Insert title here. Milton, FL $150
Mar 8 Pomeranian Outstanding T-Cup Pomeranian Puppies 4u Jacksonville, FL $200
Mar 7 Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie puppies for sale Bay Springs, MS $500
Mar 2 Labrador Retriever labrador retriever Cumming, GA $150 NO
Mar 1 German Shepherd Dog German Shepherd puppies Marietta, GA $600 NO
Feb 26 Bull Terrier BULL TERRIER PUPPIES Anderson, SC $1500
Feb 26 Chinese Crested CKC Chinese Crested puppies York, SC $500
Feb 18 Yorkshire Terrier Pretty T-Cup Yorkie Puppies:-$789-Plus Fort Lauderdale, FL $789
Feb 18 Lhasa Apso Pretty Toy **Lhasa Apso**Male Puppy-$789 Fort Lauderdale, FL $789
Feb 18 Maltese Pretty T-Cup Maltese (M & F)Puppies:$789 Fort Lauderdale, FL $789
Feb 16 Parson Russell Terrier 4 Parson Russell Terrier pups Starke, FL $200
Feb 4 Any Labrador Puppies Waxhaw, NC $900
Jan 30 Shih Tzu Pretty T-Cup Shih Tzu (M & F) Pups $789+ Fort Lauderdale, FL $789
Jan 30 Yorkshire Terrier Pretty T-Cup Yorkie Puppies-$789 To $989 Fort Lauderdale, FL $789
Jan 30 Maltese **T-Cup Maltese Female**Puppy:-$899-plus Fort Lauderdale, FL $899
Jan 30 Labrador Retriever **Labrador Retriever Green Eyes $789+ Fort Lauderdale, FL $789
Jan 30 Bulldog Gorgeous English Bulldog (AKC)Puppy $899 Fort Lauderdale, FL $899
Jan 27 Australian Shepherd Blue Merle 1 year trained Australian she Hialeah, FL $900
Jan 27 French Bulldog Chihuahua Puppies now available Jacksonville, FL $500
Jan 25 Yorkshire Terrier CKC Yorkie Puppies Ready 2/12/2015 Wadesboro, NC $700
Jan 6 Bulldog Male and Female English bulldogs Orlando, FL $0
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